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Note: We bought an Lifetime One Time Payment from the author to offer our customers a legal service at the best price. We don’t handover a license key but we will manually add the license to your website so you can get updates automatically and forever.

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $6.99.


Transform Your Web Design with GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon

Upgrade your website with the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon original license, available at the best prices for a one-time payment (Lifetime Deal). Explore a plethora of customization options and professionally designed starter sites, all without any coding knowledge.

This premium addon comes with a Theme Builder, Site Library, advanced styling controls, WooCommerce enhancements, and a flexible hook system for added customization. You can also tweak the mobile header for a personalized touch. But the real game-changer is the block-based theme builder, which lets you visually design every part of your site.

Choose from yearly or lifetime plans, and enjoy excellent support. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, GeneratePress Premium is the perfect choice for creating high-performing, versatile, and user-friendly websites.

New version relased on 28 May 2024: GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon 2.4.1



Introducing The Very First Block-Based Theme Builder

By using GeneratePress Premium along with our free GenerateBlocks plugin, you can design your entire website without the need for coding, unless you prefer it. With our Dynamic Block Elements, you have complete design freedom to create anything you want.

The possibilities are limitless – whether it’s post meta, site footers, page heroes, author boxes, single post templates, 404 pages, custom postcards, or anything else you can imagine.


Give Your Upcoming Website A Powerful Head Start

Set your upcoming website on a path to success right from the start. Access a diverse and extensive library of professionally designed websites, each crafted with expertise and finesse.

By choosing from this rich selection, you’ll be giving your new site the strongest possible foundation. Not only does this save you the hassle of countless development hours, but it also ensures that your website is off to a flying start, ready to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.


Features of GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon


Features of GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon

Introducing the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon, a powerhouse of website design and functionality. This premium extension accelerates your workflow and elevates your web design capabilities to new heights. Here’s a closer look at the impressive features it offers:

Theme Builder with Dynamic Block Elements

With the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon, you gain access to a cutting-edge Theme Builder. Design and construct your theme elements effortlessly within the block editor. The Dynamic Block Elements provide you with limitless creative freedom to craft precisely what you envision.

Site Library For Instant Professional Websites

Choose from a diverse Site Library featuring professionally designed websites, allowing you to launch your new site on the right track. Say goodbye to hours of tedious development work – with just a click, you’re well on your way to a stunning website.

Enhanced Styling Controls

Enjoy increased control over your website’s appearance with enhanced styling options. Fine-tune color schemes, typography, spacing, and background images to match your unique brand and vision.

WooCommerce Flexibility

Take your WooCommerce store to the next level with added flexibility and control. Create a shopping experience tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences.

Versatile Advanced Hook System

The GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon offers a versatile Advanced Hook System, enabling you to insert custom elements anywhere in your theme. Tailor your website to your exact specifications.

Mobile Optimization with Low-Profile Headers

Optimize your mobile site with a sleek and unobtrusive low-profile header. Ensure a seamless and responsive user experience on all devices.

Secondary Navigation for Enhanced User Experience

Add a secondary navigation menu to your website, equipping it with the same customization options as the primary menu. Enhance user navigation and accessibility.

Off-Canvas Panel For Versatile Functionality

Implement a lightweight off-canvas panel that slides out or overlays your content for a versatile user experience across all devices.

Advanced Layout System with Display Rules

Dynamically change your theme’s layout based on advanced Display Rules, ensuring that your website adapts to varying contexts and user preferences.

Sticky Navigation for User-Friendly Design

Enhance user experience and design aesthetics by making your website’s navigation sticky, keeping it accessible as visitors scroll through your content.

Seamless Infinite Scroll

Implement vanilla JavaScript infinite scroll on your blog archives, allowing visitors to explore your content seamlessly.

Masonry Layout for Stunning Visuals

Present your blog archive posts in a visually appealing masonry layout, creating an engaging and modern grid.

Customized Archive Columns

Display your blog posts using a column layout for a unique and organized presentation.

Additional Features Of GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon For Full Control

In addition to these features, GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon provides import/export options, copyright control, smooth scrolling, and many more enhancements to elevate your website design and management.

GeneratePress  Premium Addon empowers you with the tools you need to create a website that not only looks exceptional but also performs optimally. Elevate your web design with these remarkable features, tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Certainly, here are some additional features of the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon:

  • Advanced Typography Control: Fine-tune the fonts and typography across your website with precision.
  • Spacing Control: Adjust padding and margins to achieve the perfect layout and design.
  • Background Images: Easily set and manage background images for various sections of your site.
  • Blog Layouts: Customize the layout of your blog posts to create a unique and engaging reading experience.
  • Customizable Headers: Tailor your website’s header to match your brand and content.
  • Footer Widgets: Add widgets to your website’s footer area for enhanced functionality.
  • Page Header Options: Design and customize individual page headers for a personalized touch.
  • Custom Page Backgrounds: Set specific background images or colors for individual pages.
  • WooCommerce Design: Enhance the design of your WooCommerce shop and product pages.
  • Dropdown Headers: Create interactive dropdown menus for improved navigation.
  • Performance Optimization: GeneratePress is known for its lightweight and performance-focused design.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure that your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes.
  • SEO-Friendly: GeneratePress is built with SEO best practices to help your site rank well in search engines.
  • Translation-Ready: Easily translate your website into multiple languages to reach a global audience.
  • Access to Future Updates: Get continuous access to new features and improvements to keep your website up-to-date.

GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for website creators to customize, optimize, and enhance their websites.


GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon Original License Activation

Getting an original license activation for the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon just a One-Time Payment (Lifetime Deal) is like getting a special key for your website. It helps you make your website look and work well. With this special key, you can use all the best features and get help when you need it. This Runs your website smoothly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at making websites or just starting. Having an original license activation or GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon at the best prices gives you the power to create amazing, top-notch lifetime deal. Websites that are different from others.

So, don’t miss the chance to make the most of this fantastic tool with an original license activation.

Note: We bought a Lifetime Time Payment from the author to offer our customers a legal service at the best price. We don’t hand over a license key but we will manually add the license to your website so you can get updates automatically and forever.

GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon at the Best Prices

Acquiring the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon with the original license activation at the best prices (Lifetime Deal) is your ticket to an exceptional website-building experience. With the best prices available, you can elevate your web design game without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious business owner or a savvy developer, these unbeatable prices provide access to premium features and functionalities that will take your website to new heights.

For how many websites would you like to activate a license?

  • License for 01 Website     –   $6.99
  • License for 05 Websites   –   $9.99
  • License for 10 Websites   –   $13.99
  • License for 20 Websites   –   $16.99

Say goodbye to costly investments and hello to top-notch website design with GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon at the best prices just One-Time payment (Lifetime dealt). Don’t compromise on quality; get more for your money and watch your web projects thrive.

GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon One-Time Payment

Choosing the one-time payment option for the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon is a smart decision for your website. Instead of paying every month, you make one payment and get access to all the special features. This makes it easier to plan your budget.

You won’t have to keep worrying about paying over and over. With this choice, you get to use all the cool things in the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon for a long time, and it’s perfect for anyone, whether you’re on your own or running a business. So, go for the one-time payment (Lifetime deal) and start making your website with confidence.

GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon Lifetime Deal

The GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon Lifetime deal One-Time Payment is like a golden opportunity for your website. Instead of paying all the time, you make one payment, and it’s yours forever.

That means you get to enjoy all the cool features and benefits for as long as you want. It’s super simple and great for everyone, whether you’re just starting or have lots of experience with websites. So, grab this deal and give your website a lifetime of awesomeness without any worries about renewals or extra costs.


Wrapping Up

In short, the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon is a fantastic way to make your website better. You can buy GeneratePress Theme premium addons with options like an original license activation, the best prices, a one-time payment, or a lifetime deal. This addon gives you many great features to improve your website, even if you don’t know how to code.

You can use the Theme Builder, Site Library, and more to make your site look great. It’s perfect for both beginners and experts. The block-based theme builder is amazing because you can design your whole website without any coding.

The lifetime deal is the best because you pay once and get all the benefits forever. It’s simple and great for everyone, no matter if you’re just starting or have a lot of experience with websites.

So, grab this deal and make your website awesome without worrying about renewals or extra costs.




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  1. MS

    I recently invested in the GeneratePress Theme Premium Addon, and it’s been a game-changer for my website. I can’t help but share my positive experience! Thanks to Proactivation.

  2. LH

    Proactivation has earned my trust, and I’m confident that you’ll be as pleased with your purchase as I am. Five stars all the way! Highly Recommended

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