ACF 6.2.4 Update: A WordPress Game-Changer

ACF 6.2.4 Update A WordPress Game-Changer

WordPress enthusiasts, rejoice! The Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) team has just released version 6.2.4 on November 28, 2023, bringing a host of fixes and improvements. Let’s dive into the key updates that make this release noteworthy.

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ACF 6.2.4 Unveiled: Elevating WordPress Customization with Precision Fixes

  • Fixing Custom Post Types Labels: ACF 6.2.4 ensures that Custom Post Types labels align with the behavior observed in WordPress 6.4. This fix enhances the consistency of “Add New” labels for a seamless user experience.
  • Orderly Export of Post Types and Taxonomies: Exporting both post types and taxonomies as PHP is now more structured. Taxonomies will appear before post types, matching the order ACF registers them. This resolves issues related to taxonomy slugs not working in post type permalinks.
  • Refined Advanced Settings Display: Users can rejoice as the Advanced Settings for Taxonomies, Post Types, or Options Pages now display with the correct top padding when toggled on. This small but impactful fix ensures a more visually pleasing and user-friendly interface.
  • Parent-Child Page Redirection Resolved: For users setting a parent option page to “Redirect to Child Page,” ACF 6.2.4 ensures that the child page correctly reflects its parent setting. This fix adds precision to the redirection feature.
  • Visibility Enhancement for Must-Use Plugins: When activated as a must-use plugin, ACF PRO’s “Updates” page is now visible. Users can utilize the existing show_updates setting to hide this page if needed.
  • Must-Use Activation and License Management: ACF 6.2.4 addresses activation issues when used as a must-use plugin. Now, ACF PRO licenses defined in code will correctly activate sites, offering a smoother experience for users adopting this plugin activation method.
  • Automatic Activation with Hidden Updates: Even when show_updates is set or filtered to false, ACF PRO will automatically activate defined licenses. This tweak ensures that users can seamlessly manage updates without compromising license activation.
  • Translation Support for Maintenance Messages: ACF 6.2.4 introduces internationalization support, making maintenance and internal messages from the ACF PRO activation server translatable. This enhancement adds a global touch to the user experience.


ACF 6.2.4 stands as a testament to the commitment of the ACF team to refining and perfecting their product. With these fixes and enhancements, users can expect a more reliable and user-friendly ACF experience. Updating to the latest version ensures that you stay on the cutting edge of WordPress customization. Cheers to a smoother and more efficient website-building journey with ACF 6.2.4!

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