Templately 2.2.12 Update: Exploring the Enhancements

Templately 2.2.12 Update

In the ever-evolving world of website creation, Templately stands out as a reliable tool for Elementor users. The recent release of version of Templately 2.2.12 brings forth crucial fixes and improvements.

Let’s delve into the details of what’s new and improved with Templately.

Fixes in Templately 2.2.12:

  1. Templately Opening Issue: Users encountered a problem where Templately wasn’t opening from the Elementor editor. The 2.2.12 update addresses this glitch, ensuring a smoother workflow for users.
  2. PHP 7.3 Warning Resolved: A warning on PHP 7.3 has been fixed. This ensures compatibility with the latest PHP version, guaranteeing a stable performance for Templately users.

Enhancements in Templately 2.2.12:

  1. WorkSpace Sharing via Email: An improved WorkSpace sharing option via email has been introduced. This enhancement simplifies collaboration, allowing users to share their work effortlessly with others.
  2. Rating Process in Pack Sidebar: The process of giving ratings in the pack sidebar has been refined for a more user-friendly experience. This improvement streamlines user interactions within Templately.

Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements:

In addition to the highlighted fixes and enhancements, Templately 2.2.12 also includes various minor bug fixes and improvements. These tweaks contribute to the overall stability and functionality of the plugin.

How to Update Templately:

Keeping your Templately up-to-date is crucial for enjoying these fixes and improvements. To update to version 2.2.12, access your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins, find Templately, and click on the update button.

Activate your Templately Ultimate Templates Cloud license for a one-time payment of $6.99.


Templately’s commitment to providing a seamless experience for Elementor users is evident in the 2.2.12 update. Whether you faced issues with Templately’s opening, encountered warnings on PHP 7.3, or simply wish to enjoy the new sharing options, this update has you covered. Keep your website creation process smooth and efficient by embracing Templately 2.2.12. Explore the new features and experience an enhanced Elementor journey!

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