Upgrade Your Website with Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for Blogs, Newspapers, and Magazines!

Selecting a starter design is crucial for a top-notch WordPress website. Astra Premium Starter Templates offer the best and greatest looks, whether it’s a blog, news website, or magazine.

Astra’s Best Premium Starter Templates provide the perfect starting point for a stunning and functional website.

Why Choose Astra Starter Templates?

Crafted with users in mind, Astra templates prioritize ease of website building without compromising on a fully operational site.

Whether you’re a blogger, developer, freelancer, or business owner, our templates make website creation as simple as 1-2-3.

Astra Starter Templates boast:

  • Professional design
  • Conversion optimization
  • Lightweight, performance-oriented structure
  • Easy customization
  • Suitability for various businesses and niches
  • Compatibility with popular page builders (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg)
  • Hassle-free import process
  • Responsiveness for a seamless experience across devices

Advantages of Well-Designed Website Templates:

  1. Professional Image: Establishes a credible and visually appealing brand presence.
  2. User-Friendly: Ensures an intuitive and easy-to-navigate experience for visitors.
  3. Time and Cost-Efficient: Reduces development time and costs significantly.
  4. Consistent Design: Maintains a uniform look across all website pages.
  5. Conversion Optimization: Includes elements strategically designed to boost conversions.
  6. Mobile Responsiveness: Adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes for a positive user experience.
  7. SEO-Friendly: Incorporates best practices for improved search engine rankings.
  8. Customization Flexibility: Balances structure with easy customization options.
  9. Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular tools and platforms.
  10. Trust and Credibility: Builds confidence through a polished and professional online presence.

Embrace the power of Starter Templates for a website that reflects your brand and outshines the competition.

Importance of Choosing the Right Starter Template

Selecting the right starter template is crucial for a seamless website development process.

Astra WordPress Themes offer a diverse range of templates and Astra Pro Features that empower users to create websites with professional flair.

We’ll delve into the world of Astra theme demos, exploring the best choices for various niches.

Astra Starter Templates Free vs. Premium

When exploring Astra’s expansive Starter Template library, you’ll quickly identify templates adorned with “PREMIUM” badges.

These badges serve to distinguish between Astra Free and Premium Starter Templates offerings.

You’ll find free and Premium templates in Astra’s library, catering to diverse industries and website types.

The availability of free and premium templates ensures limitless possibilities for your website creation Without any boundaries on the types of websites you can create.

The key disparity between Free and Premium templates lies in the design quality.

Using the capabilities of plugins like Astra Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, or Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Premium templates exhibit a higher design standard.

These premium plugins provide exclusive design options and functionalities not in the free versions.

Whether you opt for a Free or Premium template, you have the flexibility to create websites tailored to your specific needs.

However, the Premium templates, enriched by advanced plugins, offer an elevated design experience, making them an ideal choice for users seeking a top-tier website development solution.

How to Choose the Best Astra Premium WordPress Templates for 2023

Creating your website is like putting together puzzle pieces. Start by figuring out what you want your website to do.

Look at the cool designs Astra has for 2023, pick colors and layouts you like, and make sure the pieces fit your needs.

Check that the website looks good on phones and computers, and see if you can easily change things.

Make sure it works with the tools you want to use. Listen to what others say about the pieces, try them out, and finally, pick the one that fits your puzzle the best!

Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for Blog

Astra’s Premium Starter WordPress Blog Templates redefine the game for those seeking advanced features and a premium aesthetic in their website design.

We’ll navigate through the top selections, exploring their customizable layouts.

Our discussion will cover the best choices for beginners, personal blogs, business ventures, niche interests, and SEO optimization.

Dive into the best premium WordPress blog templates for 2023, tailored for food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashionistas, lifestyle writers, business professionals, tech enthusiasts, and photography lovers.

Enhance your blog’s visual appeal and functionality with these outstanding Astra templates. Discover how to choose the best starter template for your blogs and elevate your online presence.

Here are The best Astra Premium Starter Templates you can use as a Blogger.

1) Food Blogger & Influencer


Are you into food blogging, influencing, or both? Are you considering making a website to be a pro in your field? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you – a special website template for Food Bloggers and influencers. It looks nice, professional, and neat.

A great for showing off your stuff, like talking about cool new dishes or the latest local restaurant. And it’s linked with social media, so you can easily share and connect with your followers. It’s simple, looks good, and helps you share your food adventures or whatever you love.

Here’s what makes the Food Blogger & Influencer template special:

  • Clean, Professional, and Fancy Design:
    The website looks nice and professional.
  • Easy to Use with Social Media Connections:
    It’s simple to use, and you can easily connect it with your social media accounts.
  • Show Off Your Latest Review Videos:
    You can post your newest review videos on your website.
  • Grow Your Email List:
    A form on the homepage lets people sign up for your newsletter, helping you build a list of email contacts.
  • Works Well with Drag and Drop Page Builders:
    You can easily use popular drag-and-drop tools to customize and build your website however you want.

2) Travel Blogger & Influencer


Are you someone who loves to travel and share your experiences? Whether you’re a travel blogger, an influencer, or both, our amazing Travel Blogger & Influencer template is perfect for starting your blog. This special website design is made to help you show yourself as the person behind the blog.

You can easily write and share blogs, upload videos, discuss your next travel plans, and even connect your Instagram pictures to your homepage. It’s a great way to let the world know about your adventures!

Here are the cool things about the Travel Blogger & Influencer template:

  • Awesome Website Design:
    The website looks cool, especially for people who love to travel and share their adventures.
  • Connect Your Instagram Photos:
    You can put your Instagram pictures on your website so people can see your travel moments.
  • Share Your Travel Videos:
    Easily upload and show off videos from your different travel spots.
  • Write Blogs About Travel:
    You can write and share blogs about various travel things, like places, tips, and more.
  • Make It Your Own with Page Builder:
    You can change and design the website how you like because it’s ready to use with a simple page builder.

3) Tech Blog


The Tech Blogger template is a simple and modern website design. It makes sharing your latest tech blog posts, including news, trends, and the best deals, easy.

You can use this template to quickly start your tech blog, even if you’re not a tech expert or a web developer. It’s made to be user-friendly!

Here are the cool things about the Tech Blogger template:

  • Modern and Professional Design:
    The template looks stylish and professional, perfect for a tech blog.
  • Easy Email Sign-Up:
    There’s a form where visitors can easily sign up for newsletters. This helps you keep them updated when you post something new.
  • Highlight Deals and Offers:
    You can feature the best deals and offers on the homepage and a special page.
  • Make It Your Own:
    The template is fully customizable, so you can change it to fit your needs.
  • Use Your Favorite Page Builder:
    You can edit and customize the content if you have a favorite tool for building pages.

4) Food & Drinks Blogger

Food and Drinks Blogger

Do you love writing about food and drinks? Want to be a big deal in that world? Start by getting noticed online. Use our Food & Drinks Blogger template to set up your blog quickly and easily.

The template has soft colors that are great for a fun blog. It lets you share your thoughts on amazing food and drinks, cool restaurants, street food spots, and tasty recipes.

Here are the awesome things about the Food & Drinks Blogger template:

  • Nice Design to Keep People Interested:
    The template looks good and will keep people interested in your blog.
  • Grow Your Email List Easily:
    A form on the homepage lets people easily sign up for your newsletter. This helps you build a list of emails.
  • Write About Anything Food and Drinks:
    You can write and share blogs and reviews about restaurants, recipes, food, drinks, and more.
  • Add Video Reviews:
    You can even upload video reviews on your blog, making it more exciting.
  • Works with Popular Page Builders:
    If you like using tools to build pages, this template works well with many.

5) Fashion Influencer

Fashion Influencer

Whether you’re into fashion designing, blogging, influencing, or just being part of the fashion world, the Fashion Influencer template is what you’re looking for to stand out.

The stylish website design showcases different fashion brands, products, accessories, clothing, and cosmetics. You can write blogs and articles about fashion-related topics and add videos to your fashion website.

Here are the cool things about the Fashion Influencer template:

  • Looks Stylish and Fancy:
    The template looks cool and is just right for a fashion website.
  • Great for Anyone in Fashion:
    It’s perfect for fashion influencers, bloggers, and anyone involved in the fashion world.
  • Show Off Fashion Stuff:
    You can display different fashion brands, products, blogs, articles, and videos.
  • Connect Your Instagram:
    Put your Instagram pictures on your website and share them with your visitors.
  • Change It the Way You Want:
    You can easily change and design the website the way you like. It works well on any device!

6) Wanderlust Travel Diary


The Wanderlust Travel Diary template has a blog layout with a big header image and a nice center menu. When you go to the main page, it looks like a regular blog, and you can change it to look the way you want.

The template is light, open, and interesting. It has a simple design so your posts and pictures can be the main focus without anything distracting. It also has all the cool features that visitors like.

Here are the cool things about the Wanderlust Travel Diary template:

  • Awesome Header Design:
    The top part of the page looks good, with a nice picture and cool fonts.
  • Simple Design with Strong Pictures:
    The design is simple, but it still looks interesting because of the cool pictures.
  • Small Areas for Extra Stuff:
    There are small spots where you can put extra things, but the main focus is your posts.
  • Works for Any Blog:
    You can set it up as you want for any blog.
  • Works with Popular Page Builders:
    If you like using tools to build pages, this template works well with many.

7) Vlogger


The Vlogger website template is like a big screen showing off a resume and portfolio, full of colors, energy, and interesting stuff. It starts with a simple picture of the vlogger and a short introduction, then goes into more details like a description, videos, blog posts, links to social media, and a way to get in touch.

If you make videos or are into modern media, this template is perfect for showing yourself professionally to potential clients, backers, or supporters. It’s stylish, looks good, and leaves a positive impression.

Here are the cool things about the Vlogger template:

  • Cool Fullscreen Design for Vlogger Websites:
    The template looks cool and takes up the whole screen, which is perfect for vloggers.
  • Uses Colors and Writing Style Well:
    It looks nice because of the colors and how the words are written.
  • Made for Resumes or Portfolios:
    It’s designed to be a website where you can show off your resume or portfolio.
  • Change It the Way You Want:
    You can easily change things to make it look different and unique.
  • Works with Popular Page Builders:
    If you like using tools to build pages, this template works well with many.

Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for News Website

The demands of a news website are unique, requiring a template that balances information dissemination with an engaging design. Discover the Best Premium WordPress News Website Templates for 2023, ensuring your news platform stands out in the digital landscape.

Investing in a premium news website template can elevate your publication’s online presence. We’ll explore the excellent options Astra provides, emphasizing their unique features and how they cater to the specific requirements of national and international newspapers.

Here are The best Astra Premium Starter Templates you can use as a News Website.

1) Business Blog

Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for News Website Business Blog

Are you considering starting a blog about what’s happening in the business world? This Business Blog template is perfect for you. You can write about stock markets, current events, startups, and new business chances.

This template is well-made, making it easy for people to read without too much stuff on the page. Readers can sign up for your newsletter for updates whenever you post something new. It works well for any business website!

Here’s what’s great about the Business Blog template:

  • Easy and Nice Design:
    The design is simple and nice, making it easy for people to use and read without too much stuff on the page.
  • Sign Up for Newsletters:
    There’s a form where people can sign up to get your newsletters. It’s connected well with the template.
  • Looks Good and Easy to Read:
    The way everything is arranged on the page makes it look good and makes reading easy.
  • Works with Popular Page Builders:
    You can easily use popular tools to change and design your desired template.
  • Fits Well on Any Device:
    The template works on any computer, tablet, or phone device. It looks good on all of them!

2) Blockchain Technology


The Blockchain Technology template is for tech companies and has a modern style that fits the tech world. It has all the important pages you’ll probably want and works with page builders.

The design is flexible, with strong colors that stand out, scrolling effects, and ways to get people interested. It’s a well-done design that stands out!

Here are the cool things about the Blockchain Technology template:

  • Well-Done Design for Tech Stuff:
    The template looks good, especially for tech things.
  • Has All the Important Pages for Tech Business:
    It comes with all the pages that a tech business would probably want.
  • Uses Colors and Fonts Well:
    The colors and writing style on the template look nice.
  • Flexible Layouts and Works with Page Builders:
    You can change the layout easily, and it works with tools to build pages.
  • Works with Popular Page Builders:
    If you like using tools to build pages, this template works well with many.

3) Tech News


Create a tech website with the Tech News template to share the newest tech trends, gadgets, software, apps, games, and more. The neat and simple design makes it easy for visitors to find what they want without reading much information.

The template has a form for people to subscribe to your newsletter, making it quick and simple to build your list.

Here are the cool things about the Tech News template:

  • Easy and Neat Website Design for Tech Stuff:
    The template looks simple and tidy, just right for a tech website.
  • Ready-Made Layouts for Different Categories:
    It comes with pre-designed layouts for each category, making it easy to organize your content.
  • Grow Your Email List Easily:
    There’s a form for people to sign up for your newsletter, helping you build your list.
  • Spaces for Ads to Make Money from Your Blog:
    The template has spots where you can put ads and make money from your blog.
  • Works with Gutenberg and Popular Page Builders:
    You can use the template with popular tools like Gutenberg and other page builders.

Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for Magazines Website

Magazine websites require a balance of visual appeal and content organization. Learn how to choose the perfect template for your magazine, considering factors like layout, typography, and multimedia integration.

Astra’s Premium WordPress Magazine Templates provide many options for those aiming for a polished and sophisticated magazine website.

We’ll delve into the features that make these templates stand out and discuss how they cater to the unique needs of different magazine genres.

Here are The Best Astra Premium Starter Templates you can use as a News Website.

1) Business Magazine


Get a business magazine website template to share the newest happenings in the business world with your audience. This online magazine template keeps them updated on all the latest business trends, ideas, and news.

The easy-to-use and clear layout has links to various social media platforms and forms for subscribing to newsletters. This makes it simple to stay updated on the latest business news, trends, and opportunities.

  • Easy-to-Use and Clear Website Design:
    The template is easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary stuff on it.
  • Spaces for Hot News, Editor’s Picks, and Global News:
    It has spots to put the latest news, what the editor recommends, and news from around the world.
  • Links to Social Media and a Form to Sign Up for Newsletters:
    The template has connections to social media and a form where people can sign up for newsletters.
  • Add the Newest Videos or Podcast Episodes:
    You can easily include the latest videos or even episodes from your podcast.
  • Works with Popular Drop Page Builders:
    If you like using tools to build pages, this template works well with many.


In conclusion, Astra Premium Starter Templates provide a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. The Astra Pro template library offers choices combining aesthetics with functionality from blogs to newspapers and magazines.

As we wrap up this exploration of Astra Premium Starter Templates, we encourage you to explore the diverse options available. Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or magazine curator, the right Astra theme demo site awaits, ready to kickstart your project with style and efficiency.

Embrace the power of Astra WordPress Themes and embark on a journey to create a website that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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