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How To Create a Custom Post Type with the Astra Theme

How To Create a Custom Post Type with the Astra Theme

Want to create a custom post type with Astra Theme? Well, you’re in the right spot. The Astra theme is well-known for its flexibility. Moreover, you can utilize astra_content_loop() to incorporate your own content into any existing post type. However, there are instances when you require more customization. This guide will demonstrate how to establish […]

Astra’s Blog Pro: Unlocking Advanced Features for Your WordPress Website

Blog Pro is a premium feature offered through the Astra Pro Addon plugin, This special feature is part of the Astra Pro Addon plugin. It comes with a premium subscription. To unlock and utilize these advanced capabilities, it’s necessary to have both the Astra theme and the Astra Pro Addon plugin installed on your WordPress […]

Astra WordPress Theme Review in 2024 (Free vs Pro): Selecting the Right Fit For Your Website

Astra WordPress Theme Review in 2024 (Free vs Pro) Selecting the Right Fit For Your Website

Exploring an Astra WordPress theme review, emphasizing the choice between Astra Free and Pro versions. You are in the right place. Welcome to a comprehensive review of the Astra Theme. This article delves into an in-depth analysis of Astra features (free and pro), providing a detailed comparison between the free and pro versions. Join us […]

25 Best Astra Premium E-Commerce Themes in 2024 – Uncover the Top Picks for Your Online Store.

Astra Premium E-Commerce Themes in 2023

Explore the Best Astra Premium E-Commerce Themes in 2023 for a seamless and standout online experience. Introducing Astra, the perfect companion for your WordPress website. It’s not just any friend – it’s like a superhero, making your website look fantastic and work smoothly. Astra is super easy to use, making your website look cool without […]

Upgrade Your Website with Best Astra Premium Starter Templates for Blogs, Newspapers, and Magazines!

Selecting a starter design is crucial for a top-notch WordPress website. Astra Premium Starter Templates offer the best and greatest looks, whether it’s a blog, news website, or magazine. Astra’s Best Premium Starter Templates provide the perfect starting point for a stunning and functional website. Why Choose Astra Starter Templates? Crafted with users in mind, […]

Astra 4.4 – Introduces New Impressive Features for Better Website Performance

At the present time, Astra stands out as a leader in the ever-evolving world of WordPress themes. Moreover, it’s known for its constant innovations and user-friendly approach. So, lets explore Astra 4.4 New Features. When the year (2023) began, Astra released 4.0, which brought a fresh and easy-to-use design to this WordPress theme. So, Astra’s […]

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